The Vegan Diet: You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat.” Have you heard that expression a few times?  The real question is, have you ever really thought about what that means? And do you think about it when you’re making daily food choices?

In this post, we’ll relate how you are what you eat to a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet and share some health reasons you might want to consider before you put some food items in your mouth.

Believe it or not, in some ways, we really do literally become what we eat. No, you aren’t going to turn into cauliflower or a banana but your body does goes through changes.

Have you ever seen an sample of blood plasma after eating a fast-food hamburger? What happens to the blood plasma is that what was previously a clear liquid now becomes cloudy with the fat and cholesterol from the food. All absorbed from eating a high-fat hamburger.

We do and then we don’t

On the other hand,  we can also become what we don’t eat. For example, when switching to a vegetarian-based diet and going meatless, studies show that we physically become less fat, and even less prone to many types of cancers and other health issues.

Plus, our cholesterol can improve, and as a result of being leaner and eating fewer animal products from this way of life,  there are many other health and fitness benefits we can experience as well.

Even the incidence of Type II diabetes is reduced and blood pressure falls into normal ranges from a change in diet like this.


You are what you eat means, when making better choices, you’re healthier, and you’re taking fewer medications for various health issues.

Imagine saving money with fewer co-payments on medications because you are using less medications. Never mine the side effects of all the medications some people take.


If you have a family history of high cholesterol or high blood pressure, then it’s particularly important you seriously consider revising your eating habits.

Transitioning towards a more vegan/ vegetarian diet has been proven statistically to reduce so many of the common diseases of industrialized countries today and heart disease is a great big one.

It’s simple, Vegans/Vegetarians are statistically healthier than meat eating people and believe it or not, they’re leaner and live longer too.

You Are What You Eat


Isn’t it time to seriously consider what you eat and what you are because of those food choices?

Isn’t it time to choose healthy and eat accordingly?

Deciding not to make a change means you continue to feel sluggish, feel fat, feel unhealthy, and maybe even st0re more fat than you have to?

Are you willing to accept the risk that goes with eating high fat animal products or are you willing to try something very different and take a stand for better health.

What if healthier eating, and choosing a Meatless diet means you really could live leaner and fitter and have a longer lifespan?  Are Vegetarians Healthier?

Good News, It’s never too late to change your food choices and increase your chances for a longer, fitter life.

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To Your Good Health!

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Written by Mel Ebenstein

I am a marketer and entrepreneur. I have avoided meat for decades, but became vegan, in 2014, on the advice of my cardiologist. The purpose of this site is not to convince everyone to become strictly vegan, but to encourage people that they are best advised to eat as much plant based food as possible and to provide information, including recipes and other articles, for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

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