The Vegan Diet and Fitness

Do you find yourself wondering if a vegan diet and fitness go hand in hand?

Do the Vegan Diet and fitness go together? 

Surely you’ve heard all the noise proclaiming that without protein derived from meat, your fitness level will suffer. Did you know that you don’t need meat, dairy, egg whites or proteins like chicken or fish to build muscles for you?

The Vegan diet and fitness do work together because plant-based protein is packed with antioxidants and fibers which can enhance body recovery. Less inflammation in the body would mean that athletes only need minimal amount of time to heal from muscle aches and pains.

In fact, the kind of plant-based foods that can help you build muscle mass are alkaline. They increase your body’s pH levels to combat inflammation, which is common when you consume large amount of animal protein.

Superfoods like tempeh, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and almond butter are great sources of plant protein.

“Dietary protein is needed because it delivers amino acids to our bodies. Amino acids perform many important functions, including tissue repair and muscle growth, so it’s understandable why lifters value it so highly. Here’s the thing, though. Protein isn’t hard to come by.

You can easily obtain all you need (1-2 grams per kilogram of body weight is sufficient for just about everyone) on a plant-based diet. Lentils, tempeh, beans and quinoa are all protein-rich foods that never had a face.” (source)

And there’s no better time than now to start turning the tables in your favor. 

Vegan Diet & Fitness: It’s Time To Look Good and Feel Better Like Never Before

What if you knew how to begin your vegan journey and reap the full benefits of being one!

All the information you need to know has been compiled into one incredible blueprint and includes:​

1. Workout plans for vegans

2. Testimonials of vegan athletes

3. Dietary outline

4. Tips for transitioning into Veganism

5. Debunking common myths

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Through this masterplan blueprint, you will discover the truth behind commonly known misconceptions people have towards this amazing lifestyle and how a vegan diet and fitness really do go together and work well for many.

See for yourself how prominent athletes are able to stay at the top of their game on a plant-based diet.  Check out this article talking about what 7 Elite Vegan Athletes Eat To Get (An Stay) Ultra-Jacked

There’s even a link in the article that states “Studies show guys who nosh on plants are 32 percent less likely to develop heart disease, 35 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer (as well as most other forms of cancer), and actually live a longer life than men who eat meat.

In The Most Natural Way!


1. ​Get fit and maintain the body you’ve always wanted effortlessly

2. Incorporate different kinds of new and delicious foods you’ve never tasted into your diet

3. Lower your risk of chronic diseases like heart attack and type 2 diabetes

4. Boost your mood and help treat symptoms of anxiety and depression with a plant-based diet.

We hope you enjoyed this article and the ones mentioned in it.

Be sure to grab your copy of the Vegan Masterplan and let us know if you have comments or questions.

To Your Good Health,

The Vegan Diet & Health Team

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Written by Mel Ebenstein

I am a marketer and entrepreneur. I have avoided meat for decades, but became vegan, in 2014, on the advice of my cardiologist. The purpose of this site is not to convince everyone to become strictly vegan, but to encourage people that they are best advised to eat as much plant based food as possible and to provide information, including recipes and other articles, for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

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